Domestic Natural Gas Handbook

Summer 2017 Edition

A complete collection of all the domestic chapters within the ViperGas Technical Manuals library, the Domestic Natural Gas Handbook contains over 600 pages of technical information in a convenient A5 format presented in a hard wearing ring binder.

Based on the latest technical specifications from key industry organisations, the ViperGas Domestic Natural Gas Handbook is designed to support ACS training and when coupled with the ViperGas range of self-study workbooks, a route to assessment.

The Domestic Natural Gas Handbook has sold over 420,000 copies to date and is used successfully by installers, inspectors, national training organisations, councils, assessors and trainers.

It is currently used by over 120 training centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

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The core objective within ViperGas is to provide accurate technical information to individuals undergoing qualification and registered gas engineers.

The ViperGas Stay Safe program is available to all individuals or businesses with an active subscription, providing automatic updates to your publications once activated within our portal.

Chapters (Revision No):

  • Health and Safety (16.2)
  • Regulations and Acts (5.1)
  • Combustion (10.1)
  • Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Performance Testing (3.3)
  • Gas Controls (14.1)
  • Open Flues and Room Sealed Flues (21)
  • Ventilation (9.3)
  • Measurement of Gas Pressure and Tightness Testing (14.3)
  • Re-Establish Gas Supplies (Purging After Testing) (15.2)
  • Checking Pressures and Internal Pipe-Sizing (5.2)
  • Checking and Setting Burner Pressure and Gas Rates (10.1)
  • Installation of Pipework and Fittings (8.1)
  • Low Pressure Meter Installations (19.0)
  • Statutory Requirements Incorporating Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (7.2)
  • Central Heating (16.1)
  • Space Heaters (12.0)
  • Gas Cookers (8.0)
  • Warm Air Heaters (7.1)
  • Water Heaters (10.1)
  • Tumble Dryers (14.0)
  • Fault Finding Fan Flued Combination Boilers (10.0)

Domestic Self-Study Workbook Range

The ViperGas range of self-study workbooks compliment the corresponding technical handbook. Designed to provide individuals with a route to ACS assessment, each workbook is split into easy to follow sections containing exercises, questions and answers cross referenced with the technical handbook. Progress checks are provided throughout with a final readiness assessment to determine if an adequate level of knowledge and understanding is in place before attending a training centre.


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