LPG Fuel Changeover Appendices

Summer 2017 Edition

Compliments Domestic Natural Gas Handbook

A complete collection of all the LPG chapters within the ViperGas Technical Manuals library, the LPG Fuel Changeover Appendices contains over 100 pages of technical information in a convenient A5 format presented in a hard wearing ring binder.

Based on the latest technical specifications from key industry organisations, the ViperGas LPG Fuel Changeover Appendices is designed to support ACS training and when coupled with the ViperGas range of self-study workbooks, a route to assessment.

The LPG Fuel Changeover Appendices is used successfully by installers, inspectors, national training organisations, councils, assessors and trainers in conjunction with the Domestic Natural Gas Handbook.

Chapters (Revision No):

  • Combustion and LPG Gas Supply (5.2)
  • LPG Supply Gas Controls (5.0)
  • Tightness (Soundness) Testing (7.0)
  • Re-Establish Gas Supplies (8.0)
  • Internal Pipe Sizing (6.0)
  • Flexible Hose and Internal Pipework (7.1)